Ian McBain
Ian McBain
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Ian McBain


Experienced in various different types of property investment strategies we specialise in Rent-to-Rent (R2R), Serviced Accommodation(SA), Houses of Multiple Occupants (HMO) and bespoke Refurbishments which attract both professional and corporate clients.
With over 30 years of property investing, our strategies have been developed and tested in various markets, and we operate a successful portfolio focusing on R2R, HMO and SA.

We value Joint Venture partners and have created and enjoyed a variation of lucrative partnerships.
If you would be interested in learning more of how you may invest in property with us, please email us at [email protected]

About Us

We are a Father and Son duo, known in many property communities as "Ian and Ian”. We live, work and invest in Southend, Essex. Our passion for property. Read More